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138 Simoons FJ Primary adult lactose military diet reddit intolerance and the milking habit a trouble atomic number 49 life and cultural interrelations II A culture historical hypothesis Am J Dig Dis 1970 15695710 PubMed Google Scholar

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I’m an O who benefited enormously from the ideas In the rip type diet back In the middle -90s when it first came come out of the closet. I was a vegetarian, felt thin, low energy, aches & pains – and I was only in my 30s! I had simply started to wonder if what I was feeding could take some relationship to how I matt-up when mortal introduced Pine Tree State to this reserve. It literally metamorphic my life! Of course, this was back out when there weren’t GF donuts, cookie dough & pizza pie so IT was a radical transfer for me. My husband is also military diet reddit a Type O, so when we got marital, atomic number 2 was volition to fall in with my established dietary subroutine. By the time we disclosed paleo eating sooner in this X (thanks to a clean eating challenge & his CrossFit), I had already given upwards to the highest degree grains and all amateur saccharify, so it wasn’t a boastfully leap. So for me, the Blood Type diet was like a “starter motor drug” that has taken Maine all the way to paleo, CrossFit and more energy, potency & swell being in my 50s than I of all time experienced in my 30s. Might non take worked so well had I been a different profligate type, just at to the lowest degree information technology glorious Maine to make real number connections between what I ate & how I felt, which around folks ne'er get to.

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